After  years of  great success in serving the best authentic east Mediterranean food in Houston  our family decided to bring that experience to the great city of Austin .
Our food was made with the smallest details in mind, and our use of the best spices gives you that ultimate special taste .
Our nicely decorated interior combined with a beautiful patio will give you a feel of comfort and satisfaction. We’re so proud to serve the great community of Austin.

Different Experience

Authentic Place

The Hookah Lounge in its first and simplest form originated in India. It soon traveled west to Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, where it gained mass popularity. The hookah lounge has clear antecedents in the tradition of coffee houses in the Middle East and Turkey, where people smoke tobacco from hookahs or other styles of water pipe

provided by the establishment. In this traditional setting the hookah is typically of the single-hose variety. This is in contrast with the multi-hose variety favored in the hookah lounge and intended to emphasize the communal nature of the activity.

Happy Customers

Hookah Lounge

Authentic Middle Eastern Hookah lounge with exotic decor, enticing tobacco flavors and a delicious tea selection.